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Updated until September 2023

Environmental, social and corporate governance framework for corporate disclosure: a multicriteria dimension analysis approach

Zopounidis, C., Garefalakis, A., Lemonakis, C., and Passas I.

Management Decision (ABS 2**)

Distinguish regional performance with the use of shift-share analysis and MCDA methods: a gross value added perspective

Xanthos, G., Zopounidis, C., Garefalakis, A., Lemonakis C., Passas I.

Oper Res Int J (ABS 1*)

Exploring firms’ accounting viability during economic turmoil: Best practices for SMEs entrepreneurship

Lemonakis C., Garefalakis A., Ballas P., Balla V., Passas I.

Interdisciplinary Journal Of Economics And Business Law (ABS 1*)

Impact Of ELMS-Based CL On The Quality Of Accounting Education

Adeeb, A., Alkebsee, R., Garefalakis, A., Passas, I., Ragazou K. 

Webology (Scimago List: Q3, Scopus)

Agriculture 5.0: A New Strategic Management Mode for a Cut Cost and an Energy Efficient Agriculture Sector

Ragazou K, Garefalakis A, Zafeiriou E, Passas I.

On New Challenges in Energy and Environmental Economics [special issue]

Energies (Scimago List: Q1)


Investigating the Research Trends on Strategic Ambidexterity, Agility, and Open Innovation in SMEs: Perceptions from Bibliometric Analysis

Ragazou K., Passas I., Garefalakis A., Dimou I.

Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity (Scimago list: Q1)

The Determinants of the Environmental Performance of EU Financial Institutions: An Empirical Study with a GLM Model

Ragazou K., Passas I., Garefalakis A., Zafeiriou E., Kyriakopoulos G. 

On New Challenges in Energy and Environmental Economics [special issue]

Energies (Scimago List: Q1)

It is time for anti-bribery: financial institutions set the new strategic “roadmap” to mitigate illicitly and corruption in the market

Ragazou K., Passas I., Garefalakis A.

On the Corporate Corruption of Science as a Profitable Business Strategy: An Institutionalist Approach [special issue],

Administrative sciences (Scimago list: Q2)

Illicit and Corruption Mitigation Strategy in the Financial Sector: A Study with a Hybrid Methodological Approach

Zafeiriou E., Ragazou K., Garefalakis A., Passas I.

On Corruption and Sustainability: A Micro-Level Approach [special issue]

Sustainability (Scimago list: Q1)

Investigating the strategic role of Digital Transformation path of SMEs in the era of Covid-19: a Bibliometric analysis using R

Ragazou K., Passas I., Sklavos G.

On Digital Transformation in SMEs: A Response to Crisis? [special issue], Sustainability (Scimago list: Q1)

Youth’s entrepreneurial intention: a multinomial logistic regression analysis of the factors influencing Greek students in time of crisis

Ragazou K., Passas I., Garefalakis A. 

On Sustainable Higher Education for Academic Entrepreneurship [special issue] 

Sustainability (Scimago list: Q1)

ESG Controversies: A quantitative and qualitative analysis for the socio-political determinants in EU firms

Passas I., Ragazou K., Zafeiriou E., Garefalakis A., Zopounidis C.

On Quality Management and Sustainability [special issue],

Sustainability (Scimago list: Q1)

Big Data Analytics applications in information management driving operational efficiencies and decision-making: mapping the field of knowledge with bibliometric analysis using R

Ragazou K., Passas I., Garefalakis A., Galariotis E., Zopounidis C.

Big Data and Cognitive Computing (Scimago list: Q1)


Zisoudis N., Zafeiriou E., Garefalakis A., Passas I., Ragazou K.

Journal of Governance and Regulation (Scimago list: Q3)

Corporate Social Responsibility: a business strategy that promotes energy environmental transition and combat volatility in the post-pandemic world

Karagiannopoulou S., Sariannidis N., Ragazou K., Passas I., Garefalakis A.

On  Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Business Growth Based on CSR and ESG Standards in the Post-COVID Era [special issue]

Energies (Scimago list: Q1)

Discover Analytics Business intelligence model empowering SMEs to make better decisions and enhance their competitive advantage

Ragazou K., Passas I., Garefalakis A., Zopounidis C.

Discover Analytics 


The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Volatility of Cryptocurrencies

Karagiannopoulou S., Ragazou K., Passas I., Garefalakis A., Sariannidis N.

International Journal of Financial Studies (Scimago list: Q2)

Green Human Resource Management: Mapping the Research Trends for Sustainable and Agile Human Resources in SMEs

Papademetriou C., Ragazou K., Garefalakis A., Passas I.

Sustainability (Scimago list: Q1)

Validating the Whistleblowing Maturity Model Using the Delphi Method

Kagias P., Sariannidis N., Garefalakis A., Passas I., Kyriakogkonas P.

Administrative Sciences (Scimago list: Q2)

Green Balanced Scorecard: A Tool of Sustainable Information Systems for an Energy Efficient Business

Stavropoulou Ε., Spinthiropoulos Κ., Ragazou Κ., Papademetriou C., Passas I.

Energies 2023, 16 (18), 6432; (Scimago list: Q1)

Exploring Attitudes towards Whistleblowing in Relation to Sustainable Municipalities

Cheliatsidou A., Sariannidis N., Garefalakis A., Passas I., Spinthiropoulos K.

Adm. Sci. 2023, 13 (9), 199; (Scimago list: Q2)

Mapping digital servitization strategy for a sustainable, resilient, and agile supply chain 

Garefalakis A, Ragazou K., Passas I., Galariotis E., Zopounidis C.

International Review of Financial Analysis (IRFA) (accepted) (ABS List: 3***, IF: 8,1) 

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