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Original Articles

Updated until January 2023

Environmental, social and corporate governance framework for corporate disclosure: a multicriteria dimension analysis approach

Zopounidis, C., Garefalakis, A., Lemonakis, C., and Passas I.

Management Decision (ABS 2**)

Distinguish regional performance with the use of shift-share analysis and MCDA methods: a gross value added perspective

Xanthos, G., Zopounidis, C., Garefalakis, A., Lemonakis C., Passas I.

Oper Res Int J (ABS 1*)

Exploring firms’ accounting viability during economic turmoil: Best practices for SMEs entrepreneurship

Lemonakis C., Garefalakis A., Ballas P., Balla V., Passas I.

Interdisciplinary Journal Of Economics And Business Law (ABS 1*)

Impact Of ELMS-Based CL On The Quality Of Accounting Education

Adeeb, A., Alkebsee, R., Garefalakis, A., Passas, I., Ragazou K. 

Webology (Scimago List: Q3, Scopus)

Agriculture 5.0: A New Strategic Management Mode for a Cut Cost and an Energy Efficient Agriculture Sector

Ragazou K, Garefalakis A, Zafeiriou E, Passas I.

On New Challenges in Energy and Environmental Economics [special issue]

Energies (Scimago List: Q1)


Investigating the Research Trends on Strategic Ambidexterity, Agility, and Open Innovation in SMEs: Perceptions from Bibliometric Analysis

Ragazou K., Passas I., Garefalakis A., Dimou I.

Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity (Scimago list: Q1)

The Determinants of the Environmental Performance of EU Financial Institutions: An Empirical Study with a GLM Model

Ragazou K., Passas I., Garefalakis A., Zafeiriou E., Kyriakopoulos G. 

On New Challenges in Energy and Environmental Economics [special issue]

Energies (Scimago List: Q1)

It is time for anti-bribery: financial institutions set the new strategic “roadmap” to mitigate illicitly and corruption in the market

Ragazou K., Passas I., Garefalakis A.

On the Corporate Corruption of Science as a Profitable Business Strategy: An Institutionalist Approach [special issue],

Administrative sciences (Scimago list: Q2)

Illicit and Corruption Mitigation Strategy in the Financial Sector: A Study with a Hybrid Methodological Approach

Zafeiriou E., Ragazou K., Garefalakis A., Passas I.

On Corruption and Sustainability: A Micro-Level Approach [special issue]

Sustainability (Scimago list: Q1)

Investigating the strategic role of Digital Transformation path of SMEs in the era of Covid-19: a Bibliometric analysis using R

Ragazou K., Passas I., Sklavos G.

On Digital Transformation in SMEs: A Response to Crisis? [special issue], Sustainability (Scimago list: Q1)

Youth’s entrepreneurial intention: a multinomial logistic regression analysis of the factors influencing Greek students in time of crisis

Ragazou K., Passas I., Garefalakis A. 

On Sustainable Higher Education for Academic Entrepreneurship [special issue] 

Sustainability (Scimago list: Q1)

ESG Controversies: A quantitative and qualitative analysis for the socio-political determinants in EU firms

Passas I., Ragazou K., Zafeiriou E., Garefalakis A., Zopounidis C.

On Quality Management and Sustainability [special issue],

Sustainability (Scimago list: Q1)

Big Data Analytics applications in information management driving operational efficiencies and decision-making: mapping the field of knowledge with bibliometric analysis using R

Ragazou K., Passas I., Garefalakis A., Galariotis E., Zopounidis C.

Big Data and Cognitive Computing (Scimago list: Q1)


Zisoudis N., Zafeiriou E., Garefalakis A., Passas I., Ragazou K.

Journal of Governance and Regulation (Scimago list: Q3)

Corporate Social Responsibility: a business strategy that promotes energy environmental transition and combat volatility in the post-pandemic world

Karagiannopoulou S., Sariannidis N., Ragazou K., Passas I., Garefalakis A.

On  Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Business Growth Based on CSR and ESG Standards in the Post-COVID Era [special issue]

Energies (Scimago list: Q1)

Mapping digital servitization strategy for a sustainable, resilient and agile supply chain

Garefalakis A, Ragazou K., Passas I., Galariotis E., Zopounidis C.

Annals of Operational Research (ANOR) (under review) (ABS List: 3***)

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