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Evaluation of the Greek Regions: The use of the components of the Participation Deviation Analysis

Passas I., Haritaki H., Garefalakis S., Spinthiropoulos K., Stavropoulou E., 21st Conference of Regionalists of Greece, Heraklion

ISBN: 978-618-00-2351-0, pp. 85-94

The Value of Artificial Intelligence in Audit Fraud

Garefalakis A., Alexopoulos G., Tabouratzi E., Lemonakis C., Passas I.

19th Annual Conference of the Hellenic Finance & Accounting Association (H.F.A.A.) 

Greece (virtual conference)

The contribution of Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance (ESG) to ensuring transparency of the Supply Chain

Ragazou K. & Passas I.

11th International Conference of the Financial Engineering and Banking Society (FEBS)

Athens, Greece

Banking system and sustainable economic growth: The case of Greece

 Spinthiropoulos K., Stavropoulou E., Garefalakis A., Passas I.

11th International Conference of the Financial Engineering and Banking Society (FEBS)

Athens, Greece

Spatial inequalities in the light of the pandemic in the European Union: a bibliometric analysis

Ragazou K., Passas I., Garefalakis A.

22ο Επιστημονικό Συνέδριο του Συνδέσμου Ελλήνων Περιφερειολόγων με θέμα: H περιφέρεια ως οικονομικό διακύβευμα: η διαλεκτική της ισχύος από το τοπικό στο υπερεθνικό

Γρεβενά, Ελλάδα

Μοντέλο επιχειρηματικής ευφυΐας που δίνει τη δυνατότητα στις ΜΜΕ να λαμβάνουν καλύτερες αποφάσεις και να ενισχύουν το ανταγωνιστικό τους πλεονέκτημα 

Passas I., Ragazou K., Garefalakis A., Sklavos G.

12ο Εθνικό Συνέδριο της Επιστημονικής Εταιρείας Χρηματοοικονομικής Μηχανικής και Τραπεζικής,

Αθήνα, Ελλάδα, 19 - 20 Δεκεμβρίου, 2022

Investigating the role of environmental, social, and corporate governance factors on the sustainable
financial stability of European financial institutions

Tabouratzi E., Ragazou K., Garefalakis A., Passas I., Spinthiropoulos K.


12th International Conference of the Financial Engineering and Banking Society (FEBS)

1 - 4 June 2023 | Conference Center of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Greece

Well-being Human Resource Model in the collaborative economy: The keystone of ESG strategy in the Tourism Sector

Ragazou K., Papademetriou C., Garefalakis Α., Passas I.

6th International Conference on Tourism Research ICTR 2023

8 - 9 June 2023, Pafos, Cyprus 

Mapping the Factors Influencing Greek Youth’s HEI Students Entrepreneurial Intention in Time of Crisis: A Multinomial Logistic Regression Analysis

Garefalakis Α., Ragazou K., Passas I., Spinthiropoulos K., Sklavos G.

Chaotic Modeling and Simulation International Conference (CHAOS2023), 13 - 16 June 2023, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

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